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This Shoal of Space (also: Cold Bright):
Zoë Calla and the Dark Starship

by John Argo

A complex, imaginative SF tale set in a small California coastal town where the every-day touches hauntingly on the fabric of far space. A young reporter looking for her big break investigates mysterious zoo murders and stumbles upon an intergalactic invader in virtual space. Two men hover at the periphery--sinister Det. Vic Lara and handsome curator George Chatfield, each with his own terrible mysteries.  (Now available again—for sale at all major retailers online, part of John Argo's Empire of Time series).

by John Argo

Just 25 light years from the dying Earth is a fresh, earth-like planet that beckons with radio transmissions. The six last surviving humans make the journey through space—to find a world riddled with mysteries, and answers to questions nobody had thought to ask…in the ghostly city of Avamish. Paul and Licia Menard struggle with the defunct customs of distant Earth as a beautiful blue princess and a mysterious shaman guide them in an often terrifying world.  (Now available again—for sale at all major retailers online, part of John Argo's Empire of Time series).

Notes: (1) Along with the suspense novel Neon Blue by John Argo, these were the world's first true e-books published online for download. Published by The Haunted Village/Clocktower Fiction as complete, novel-length, proprietary (not public domain) works, they were innovatively released in weekly serial chapters to acclaim from readers around the world; and they were best sellers in early e-book venues like Rocket eBooks and the early BN website 1998-2001ish. (2) The featured (short) stories are now collected in the anthologies Strange Doors and Adventures Beyond Time & Space, both by John Argo. Yes, the latter title is an homage to the fabulous 1950 August Derleth anthology.

Strange Doors
Weird Tales by John Argo

In the far future galaxy, where humans are a hunted and oppressed race, Jory O'Call is a poet and house slave in the great hall of an alien lord. When he falls in love with the lord's beautiful daughter, it's a death sentence for all involved. Barely escaping, while his beautiful lover and her sister commit ritual suicide, Jory finds terror, chaos, and bloodshed along the fabled glowing road of eternally night-time Shur…a universe of danger, adventure, and unending surprises.  (Available at all major retailers online).

Adventures Beyond Time & Space
High Science Fiction Tales by John Argo

Clocktower Books and John Argo Books present nine thrilling stories with classic SF Sense of Wonder--each a glimpse into John Argo's sprawling future history, and his vision of boundless time and space in which mankind plays a wondrous role. Meet a dying alien basilica in Night Songs at Um, a planet named Magic, a heroic woman (part cat) fighting for a helium drive after the apocalypse, a horrifying far-future harp containing the ghost of a long-dead stewardess…and more.   (Available at all major retailers online).